Clint's Rip City Grill apronRip City Grill is located at the corner of S.W. Moody and Abernathy in the south waterfront area of Portland. This little cart produces some prime time quality grilled sandwiches and salads. The Tri Tip steak sandwich is the most celebrated, prompting professional basketball player Channing Frye to say "I have now had THE best steak sandwich from Rip City Grill. I could eat this sandwich every single day and be totally happy with it."

All sandwiches are cooked to order and prepared right in front of your eyes. The buns are toasted, the burgers hand patted, and the smell of sauteed onions ever present. The attention to detail and quality is ever apparent. Owner operator Clint Melville on his sandwiches: "It sounds corny, but I really do put love into every single thing I make. I want people to come away thinking that was the best sandwich they have ever had."

Carmelizing onions on the grillThe feeling of getting more than what you paid for is the essence of value. Value is the driving force behind everything Rip City Grill does. This mantra extends past the Monday-Friday lunch to catering as well. RCG can travel to any location. The meal can be as classy or laid back as the situation calls for. Click on the catering link to see some sample menus.

So come down and discover one of the best kept secrets in the city... Rip City that is.